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10 August 2006 @ 10:09 am
puttin the cards on the table, letting you know what kinda PRO i am. i totally make shit up. everything up! or, i have been. now that i am older and growing more conserned about actual salty story depth. i'm attempting to culture myself these days because i'm scared of how little i know about everything else in the world aside from my own things. i vastly want to soak in what is special out there to other people and fuse it into my stories. i want to tip my scale from just being superficial, to having some real meat and potatoes. i can relate all these feelings to real life. my social abilities, my abilities to love, everything. i have more ups than downs. still, i have a great urge to be more.

From the ever-delightful Corey "The Reyyy" Lewis comes this heartfelt self-examination. Much more behind-the-scenes than most cartoonists ever let us see.